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Menu Makanan & Minuman
Gado-Gado Boplo

Menu Lainnya

Nasi Gudeg
Rp 23.000
Seafood / Udang / Cumi
Rp 29.000
Seafood / Prawn / Cuttlefish Porridge
Nasi Ayam
Rp 23.000
w/ Baso Rp. 28.000, w/ Pangsit Rp. 28.000
w/ baso pangsit Rp. 33.000
Tahu Telor
Rp 32.000
Fried tofu mixed with scrambled egg, served with boiled potato, bean sprout and garlic peanut sauce.
Ayam Goreng / Opor
Rp 17.000
Fried chicken with special turmeric blended taste.
Ayam Bakar
Rp 18.000
Grilled chicken in special Boplo seasoning.
Ikan Jambal Goreng
Rp 12.000
Fried salted fish.
Sayur Asem
Rp 12.000
Spicy tamarind soup with shrimp paste, baby corn, cabbage, long beans, tomatoes, chayote and peanut.
Lalapan + Sambal
Rp 12.000
Assorted fresh vegetables, served with chili sauce.
Daging Rendang
Rp 18.000
Beef cooked with coconut milk in exotic spices.
Daging Empal
Rp. 18.000
Fried honey beef.
Nasi Putih
Rp 7.500
Steamed rice.
Nasi Uduk
Rp 8.500
Topped with peanut sauve & lontong.
Nasi Kuning
Rp 8.500
Steamed rice with tumeric.
Nasi Merah
Rp 8.500
Rp. 7.500
Banana leaf rice cake.
Nasi Putih Timbel
Rp 8.500
Wrapped stemed rice in banana leaf.
Ikan Gurame Goreng / Bakar
Rp 31.000
Fried Gourame Fish.
Ikan Bawal Goreng / Bakar
Rp 31.000
Fried Fish.
Gurame Goreng / Bakar Utuh
Rp 58.000
Tahu / Tempe Goreng
Rp 15.000
Deep fried marinated tofu and/ or soya bean cake.
Lupia Goreng (4 pcs)
Rp. 30.000

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Untuk layanan Outside Catering dan pemesanan Nasi Tumpeng, silakan menghubungi kami di atau outlets terdekat Anda.



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