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Our Special Menus of Gado-Gado Boplo

Boplo's Special Menus

Gado-Gado Boplo

Boiled spinach is served with bean sprouts, radish, tofu, tempe (soybean fermentated), potatoes, cucumbers, corn, boiled egg, served with a special peanut sauce and shrimp crackers, fried onion.

(Bayam rebus, tauge, kubis, tahu, tempe, kentang, mentimun, jagung, telur rebus,yang disajikan dengan saus kacang dan saus mede,serta kerupuk udang, bawang merah goreng).
With Lontong (wrapping rice cake):

IDR 27,000






IDR 27,000

Miscellaneous of fresh vegetables (cabbage, bean sprouts, basil leaves, etc.) which is served with a specials sauce.

(Aneka sayuran segar (kubis, tauge, daun kemangi, dll) yang disajikan dengan saus spesial).
With Lontong (wrapping rice cake): IDR 29,000












IDR 27, 000

Ricestick noodles, tofu, potatoes, bean sprouts, boiled egg, served with a peanut sauce and onions, added with shrimp crackers and fried onions.

(Bihun, tahu, kentang, tauge, telur rebus, disajikan dengan saus kacang spesial dan bawang, serta ditambah dengan kerupuk udang dan bawang goreng). With Lontong (wrapping rice cake): IDR 29,000




Rujak Juhi






IDR 27,000

Noodles, potatoes, cucumber, served with a special peanut sauce, added shrimp crackers & Juhi (a type of squid).

(Mie, kentang, mentimun, disajikan dengan saus kacang khusus, ditambah kerupuk udang & Juhi (sejenis cumi-cumi kering).





Rujak Buah



IDR 20,000


A mixture of of fruits (papaya, mango, pineapple, etc.) which served with a special sauce.

(Campuran buah-buahan (pepaya, mangga, nanas, dll) yang disajikan dengan saus khusus).




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For Outside Catering services and Tumpeng Rice (a cone-shaped rice dish like mountain with its side dishes with vegetables, or meat.)

Ordering, please contact us in:, or your nearest outlets.




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